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Good Morning Sun, Hello Flu

I get claustrophobic w/o water

In the morning I make my usual run to the bathroom, and when I say bathroom, I mean outhouse. I dislike outhouses not just because they smell, but because their existence goes hand and hand with a sites complete and utter lack of running water. When finished with that double whammy of claustrophobia (small room, no water), I pass by the river and calm myself with thoughts of drinking from its slightly murky water (if need arose), and further calmed myself by drinking some water from our stash.


This, surprisingly, hurt like hell. My sore throat was back and worse than ever. But being me, I didn't really in enlighten Joe of this just yet. So the two of us went down to the river together to diagnose our air mattress (well we knew that the problem was a hole, it was just finding where the bubbles spew out from).


After soaking the sides, we moved to the bottom, and then the dreadful top (the top is a fuzzy material that I worried shouldn't get wet). Nothing, sometimes we would see bubbles, but then when the mattress stopped moving they would go away. When we got the mattress out of the river we found some light spots that were warn thin, so Joe patched those up while I began to wallow in self pity (not a pretty sight). We ate some breakfast while the mattress dried in the sun on a picnic bench, and we finished off the last of the juice. I began to feel a little claustrophobic as my throat began to dry (as this mornings endeavors lasted well into the afternoon). Joe went and got me some water from Scott, but I didn't want to take all their water since this sight didn't have hookups. Also, water hurts my throat when I swallow, so Joe put in some of our coconut ooze and it went down much smoother.

When we were finally all packed up (courtesy of Joe since I began a coughing spree) we headed back into the beautiful canyons on our way to Arches, but first, pit stop back at the bridge.



Then we made it into Moab, and it was our worst nightmare. Every hotel was booked solid. We hung out at a Shell for a while, drank some Sobe's to get our antioxidants and minerals, ate a Cliff Bar, and then we were off hotel hunting. We couldn't even get a cabin at the campground. The woman working there told me that if she had one available, she would let us stay in it for free. But as it was, the best she could do is tell us where a walk in clinic was where some campers last week got some medicine for the flue. Now I'm running a temperature, and I need a break. We decide to go to ZAK's Wood Stove Pizza and use their WiFi until later when we would drive back into the canyon and camp. After a few hours of myself drinking tea alone I was asked to leave. Joe and I split one slice of pizza, and then he went on a walk to do some Kung Fu. I was left on the patio next to the line to get in. Long line, turns out the entire tourist town was filled with marathon cyclists who were carb loading. I left and ran into Joe on my way out, and we headed back to the canyon to camp... but the camp was also packed. The only spot left was Group Site B, and so we figured, if we camp here, since its a group site, the people who are supposed to camp hear can do so as well. Then we went to sleep to the lights of the on coming traffic (I think I know why nobody picked this spot) and of people's flashlights as they mistake our tent for the very near by outhouse.

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sounds like that air mattress is taking a beating.

by buddy-JC

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