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A Tiger Trapped in a Tourist Trap

mo' Moab

We are becoming a little too comfortable with illegal camping and it catches up to us tomorrow, but that's another story. Today, we wake up in our illegal campsite that is actually the driveway to another group campsite. We are right next to the road within sight of everybody. Still, we amble out of the tent and I go and sleepily pee on a tree. We're really pushin' it.


We pack up and go into Moab, about a mile away. We need to get inside and chill until it's not so chilly at 8 in the morning. But, we don't want to go to a cafe or food place because of the tourists and we'd probably get kicked out again, especially if the sickened Vanessa passes out for an hour. She still feels terrible with headaches and coughing.

I plug book store into the GP, and we go to a cute little book shop on Main st. The owner is a cute blond haired woman who loves her cat. The book store is their home (not literally). The white fluffy cat is sweet and I enjoyed playing with her. There were chairs and couches around the store, and one chair had a sign that said, "This is the cat's chair and she doesn't like being moved while she's on it." I sit down because I want the cat on my lap while I read. Vanessa kicks me off the chair and gives it back to the cat.

V goes and passes out with a book on the couch. It's a nice feminist book about going it alone on a trip to Zion National Park. She is snoring very softly, but she looks convincing with the book open in front of her. Apparently the descriptions in her book are amazing, vivid, and captivating. But, not enough to keep this sick puppy awake.

Speaking of puppies, a tourist brings in a cute and weird little black dog with a crazy haircut and the owner says, "no dogs. There's a cat in here that would go crazy and fight." I sat and pictured an awesome fight between these two animals; tearing up the bookshop. The cat was victorious.

A strange occurence happened. I sat meditating and reading by the window in a good posture and breath, when I feel something. I look out the window and a young middle-aged man is doing a smooth Chi Gong exercise right outside. I don't know if my energy attracted him or if it was coincidence, but it seemed a normally strange place to do a meditation right in the middle of a sidewalk. His cute kids came over and played with him and he kept going through his motion, but with a more playful attitude and a smile. He finished, and picked up his little girl and kept on being a tourist. In that way I'm a tourist too. Heck, I've got a touring bike.

V tells me let's go to Arches. I say no, that isn't the plan.

"What is the plan." She's getting impatient.

"We should just hang today."

We get into a litte argument, until I say loudly, "We can't go to Arches today because you're sick and we'll just be in a whole lot of wind a whole lot of riding and walking for miles to see arches that you won't appreciate because you'll feel like shit just like you did at Black Canyon and you'll ruin Arches for the both of us!"

I said all that in a couple seconds.

"Well!! ...Why didn't you say that the first time."

"The thought hadn't quite reached my conscious mind."


We hung out and I did what I always do. Kung Fu in nature.


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Nice writing, Joe!

by Sheryl S

Best to just rest and recover when its needed! Glad you guys relaxed for at least a little bit when sick. :-)

by buddy-JC

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