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Landscape Arch

Even though Joe said that we were not going to Arches yesterday, guess where we slept last night? It was dark by the time we went through the gates, and then we had to drive the entire length of the park to get to the FULL campground. Well fuck, I'm this close (<-> ), wow, that kinda looks like a Navajo print, anyhow, I was really close to dying and Moab was only a mile from the entrance. We could have gone back when we saw the sign at the entrance gate that said the campgrounds were full, but we just held our breaths and hoped for an empty spot. There were none. Then we passed a sign that said reserved camping only beyond this point. Joe kept driving, and sure enough, there was an empty spot. We pulled off the "driveway" so that if the people still came they could pull in without hindrance. Then we camped under a tree away from the open space for where the tent should go so we wouldn't be encroaching on their space that way either.


Sun come up, and they never showed. I had to go to the bathroom really bad, and so I left our site, looked left, looked right, coughed... yeah, no, I really did, like the whole way to the bathroom. Anyways, I chose right because I'm dumb. 10 minutes later, I was walking really fast and I finally came to the restrooms. Another 10 minutes back to the tent, I finally saw the park. Going to the restroom I was a little "drunk," or so people thought as they watched me stumble down the road. I even fell once, no reason, just the world began to do this weird spinney thing and it really threw me off just then. Nobody else seemed effected by this change in the earths stability, so I walked on pretending to feel the same.

Back at our site, I noticed that there was a restroom just 4 sites away from ours. Yeah, left would have been about 9.5 minutes quicker.

Joe was making breakfast (poptarts and cheese), and the moment I joined him Mr. Important came to our rescue!
"Do you have your reservation card?" he abruptly asked.
"No" I said plainly
"You know your camping here illegally?" I know I was shocked an ashamed of myself.
"I know this spot was reserved, but it was late, and all the other sites were taken, and we figured it would be okay *cough* if we slept here *cough* for a bit, and we just hoped *cough, cough, cough* that they wouldn't show up really late, and just drive out here tomorrow, and we would already be gone. You see, I'm sick, and all the motels in Moab are full for the marathon yesterday *cough* and we..."
"V," Joe interrupted, "you need to quit talking, you're going to go horse. We're really sorry, and we were going to pay this morning."
"Well, I'm going to need that $20 right now."
"That's no problem" Joe said as he got up to get his wallet. We paid the man, and he said that he wouldn't take our license plate down for illegal camping since we did pay, and there was no harm done. But he did want us to clean up and leave as soon as we could. The people camping there unfortunately called Arches and told them they were still in Colorado, otherwise we might have gotten away with it. Not cool for them though b/c they might have been charged for us sleeping in their spot. So I guess it all worked out for the best.

Now the dreadful tour of Arches for anyone handicapped, old and decrepit, or just me. You can't just drive though arches and see them from your car. Every arch is strategically hidden from the road, and you have to walk on very long and somewhat treacherous trails to get to any of them. So we parked the bike at the first lot. We asked the people ahead of us which arch this was, and they told us the Landscape Arch. Joe vaguely remembered this arch, and he said it was really good, so through wind tunnel, up hill, down hill, and sand traps, we made it the mile to the Landscape arch.


Of course I was exhausted by the time we made it to the Landscape Arch, and Joe loved it, and we left the video camera back at the bike (why do we always do that on long walks? It's like, wow, this is going to be a long walk. I don't want to have to carry that one pound camera all that way. How good can something that far away be? I mean really? People wouldn't walk all this way if it wasn't amazing... wait a minute!) So Joe said he would run back to the bike and bring back the vid

eo camera, lunch and water (why didn't we bring water! All the signs warned us to bring some. Who knew they would be right?).

Joe said 10 min. and I betcha this pic he took of himself was what added the extra half hour.

I said at the 45 min. mark I would start looking for him. I was pretty sure if he was hurt, he would still be okay enough to tell someone to notify me of his accident. And since I was still really flu-y I wasn't going to push myself too hard and end up on a stretcher myself.

Just as I rounded my first big rock I saw him running. He was sweaty. I guess he just ran about 2 miles in 45 min. through some really trying trails, so sweat to be expected I suppose. And here are the fruits of his labor:

Warm up climb:

Sub Chi Kuen

Exercise #2 from Tan Shang Pie

Soaring Crane Set 1, Connecting and Harmonizing the 6 Directions

When we made it back to the bike Joe finally found a map and saw that we were actually really close to 2 other arches (we just had to go back through the wind tunnel!). But we hit those before we left for the day.


Then we headed out (and passed the Charlie Brown Arch).
See the arch on the left? Its not really an arch, its just red rock with black lines like how they shade things in Charlie Brown.


And the arch in the clouds:

When we made it to the exit, tired and cold, we agreed that we had seen enough of Arches. I was feeling worse now than I was earlier (but not worse than the day before that when I had a fever), and I didn't have another day of walking in me. So we headed out the south entrance (the only exit the bike could drive to since the north one was a dirt path). Then we headed north to I-70, and we didn't really have a plan from there. Were we camping? Legally or illegally? I don't think either of us knew at this point.

It was almost 9pm when we hit I-70 and stopped for gas. When I came out of the restroom Joe had already booked a room 18 miles west in the only town between Moab and practically the center of the state. Green River Motel 6 here we come!

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Sucks that you got caught in the reserved camping. I guess it was only a mater of time but at least he didn't write you up for it. The arches look sweet. The non-arch one with the big bolder still holding on is pretty wild. Definitely wouldn't want to get near that thing.

by buddy-JC

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