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Motels, Motels, and more... Motels

Did I mention the check for my car hit my bank account today?

Waking up at Motel 6 was nice b/c I didn't have to do any work outside in the Fall (we got a one person for $35, so I got to hide out in the room while Joe packed the bike... ahhh, just like old times when my arm was broken). So I got to watch the Golden Compass (I love this movie). I didn't get to watch the whole thing b/c I was packing inside, and checkout was about an hour into the movie, but I still got to see the bears fight, and watch Gandalf's character knock the other bear's jaw off. Pretty gruesome for something that was a "kids" movie don't you think?


No WiFi here, but the did have a really neat looking shower.

And we had about 6 different weather channels that all said rain. Rain, cold and just dreary weather for today from us all the way to the next place that we could possibly name "us" in several hours. So... thinking... thinking... It wasn't worth it yesterday to pay $60 to have an indoor pool, but today it would! I'm still sick, so camping in the cold and the rain after driving in it all day was out, so we drove to the Super 8 and tried to get a cheap room. The lady wouldn't even give us the coupon that they were going to give us last night (she was a real bit@$). So we moved on to the Ramada across the street (this town seems to be made of motels and gas stations, oh yeah, and melon stands). Joe actually got into it with the Indian guy at the front desk.

Joe: So, when I started talking to the guy I said we don't have much money and we normally camp, but my girlfriends sick. I asked for the cheapest one bed and I admit that I sounded a little pathetic. He said it was 70 plus tax, which ends up being $78. I say we have AAA and he says 10 percent, so it's down to 62. I ask the standard questions that we always ask: Wi-Fi, microwave, minifridge, what's for breakfast?
The guy I guess had enough and just yelled at me, "What do you want to eat?!" I just stare wide eyed. He repeats, "What do you want to eat?!"

"Umm...Do you have eggs?"

"Yes hardboiled eggs. What do you want?!"


"It says continental breakfast...That means cereal, milk, orange juice,...coffee, pastry, toast,...waffle, hard boiled egg!"


"You ask for rock bottom price, and then you want everything with it! You get what you pay for!"

I am majorly pissed and now that I think about it I'm amazed and glad I didn't punch his face in. I say, "Hold on," and I walk out to V. I don't see her at first and I think that I must have taken too long. I'm a little worried, until I see her sitting behind the bike.

"We are not staying here! In fact I'm going back in and filing a complaint."

"Really?...That bad? Come on let's just go." She sounds tired and exacerbated.

"No...I'm going in."

I come to the front desk and ask him if he's the manager. He says yes and I ask for his boss's phone number. He says, "I'm the boss!" I've heard this before, but only in movies or TV. I say, "Really."

"What do you want me to do. I'm the owner."

This whole time the latino cleaning lady is vacuuming. I turn to her and ask her. She says something like, "No puedo cera." He asks her something in spanish that sounds like the right question. She says, "...Si."

"Ok, look...You can't treat your customers this way."

"I can treat you however I want!"

"No...You can't." I never lose my cool.

"I'm the owner. I can do what I want!"

"No...Because, you'll get someone like me."

"yes I can I'm the owner and I'm telling you get out of here!" He is slurring quickly.


"Please, leave this place!" He says as if the please didn't exist.

"No. You can't treat customers this way."

"What did I do?! You come in here with your sob story! And, I give you rock bottom price and you want everything. You get what you pay for! I won't be manipulated!"

"Fine. What I said was the truth. My girlfriend is sick!"

"And I felt for you! I gave you rock bottom price!"

"No! You gave me exactly what I deserve! I have AAA. You gave me what I deserved and nothing more so you didn't need to give me that attitude!"

Now that I finally raised my voice and gave him that swift kick in the butt, he got defensive.

"I gave you no attitude."

"Yes. You did. I asked you what's for breakfast and you yelled at me!"

"You want everything and the rock bottom price."

"I asked you those questions because sometimes you pay a lot and they give you very little, and at other places..." He finishes for me, "you pay less and you get more."

"Right. I was just making sure I get a good deal."

At this point he's on my side and we talk a while. He tells me that when I came in he was pouring his heart out for me. He tells me many things ranging from stories about racism(He's the only Hindu family in an all Mormon town and people sometimes come in for a room, see his skin color, and walk right out,) to loud proclamations that people tell him he should take down the sign for continental breakfast because he has waffles which is a hot breakfast(actually a lie, they're just eggo.)

I make a connection with the guy so we get the room. I'm so glad too, because everyone in the town is an A-hole and seems to be on edge. It's no wonder because when I go grocery shopping I see that the town is horribly depressed. I think about the fact that if we had illegally camped for free we would have been chased out by pitch forks. This town had no patience for freeloaders. They didn't even have patience for someone who likes lots of veggies on their subway. I'm happy that we checked in at noon and stayed inside almost the whole day watching HBO movies and swimming and eating and more eating (watermelon, can o' beans, homeade bean n' cheese with red pepper and special sauce, a gallon of milk, Subway, veggie spinach salad with homemade dressing, 1/2 gallon apple juice, two apples, and a Nature's Valley Oats n' Honey Crunch bar, all for under $12. Don't ask me how I do it... OK, I'll give you a hint. It involves creativity, cross categorization, and a whole lot of legal freeloading.)

I met a few nice people though. One of them was probably the Hindu guy's daughter. She worked at the watermelon stand. I asked her if the stuff was locally grown. She didn't speak any english and lifted her shoulders in a shrug with an adorable smile. The middle-aged fat white lady sitting in the chair in the back grunted that it was local and they were closing soon so this was the last stuff. I grabbed a nine pound watermelon, which was 25 cents a pound and the Indian girl underchaged me by saying, "Twoo dolla." I nod happilly. Aparrently they have no change. I say I'l have a red apple. She grabs the green ones. "No, red." She puts four red apples in a bag. I say, "No, only one." I hold up one finger. "We can't carry a lot on the motorcycle." She puts two back and smiles up at me while bent over the bag of apples. With a twinkle in her she holds up two fingers questioningly. I say alright while smiling and shaking my head. She stands and says, "Twoo dolla." I give her a five and I wonder if she meant two dollars for the apples, which was way overcharged. Or, she meant twoo dolla. Which would mean the local apples were free (and delicious by the way). Yup. They were free. That's one way to save money on a dozen servings of fruit.

The pool unfortunately would be cold for the next few hours, so we blogged, I skyped with my little sister in London, and Joe watched Kung Fu Panda. Then we swam and hot tubbed. After that Joe skyped with his brother while I watched Kung Fu Panda (thank you HBO for repeating good movies!)

And the internet password was Kunalsah, and Joe thought it might be some Hindu thing, but I looked it up online and its the name of the spelling bee champion kid from Green River who is living with his aunt and uncle b/c his parents were deported back to India after their visa's expired (and Joe thinks he might have seen this kid walking around the hotel, and maybe the guy Joe bonded with at the front desk is his uncle. Don't know why I thought it was cool, but I did.

Joe spinning with the laptop as he skyped with Nate, and Nate doing the same:

Joe, loving our bathroom with phone:

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Way to put your foot down Van! I'm surprised you were able to eventually meet eye to eye with the guy.

by buddy-JC

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