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Butch Cassidy was Here

(not Paul Newman, the real one)

Next morning we had breakfast at Subway so we could finish our milk (I love Subway cookies). But I had such a big continental breakfast (the guy called it a hot breakfast b/c you could toast an Eggo Waffle, but I still ate a bunch), I couldn't finish my half of 3 cookies (and you know you always save your fave for last). Then we got Joe mitten gloves and ridding goggles (Joe: Pump some money into this economy of death!!)


And we were off hoping for Bryce Canyon.


Green Dragon's Intellectual Fist: Earth Element

Southern Sholin Improv:


And Archeologists know that this was where Buch Cassidy eluded lawmen b/c he ingraved his name into the rock.
(Joe heard a woman at Arches comment on graffiti in the rocks we were walking on, "They should be given the death penalty." Wasn't Buch in enough trouble? Did he have to write "Buch was here" I mean, really? Are we 5?)


Joe's ritual dance with a watermelon:

And as we leave, we must note that outlaws rarely follow the rules, so why put up such a ridiculous sign in outlaw country?


Joe stuck his spare glove in his visor to keep it from falling in his face (since it is still all scuffed up from the last time he tried to fix it):

This was a really cold ride, and we were in the middle of nowhere, but then a sign in the distance says that there is a subway! We stopped there and didn't even buy anything, we just wanted out of the cold. Then Joe spotted a Roadway across the street. We've stayed at one before in Colorado Springs, and they had reasonable prices, and this one had an indoor pool. Motel again? Why thank you, I don't mind if I do.

This motel's pool was all ready to swim in, so we did our ritual blogging, swimming, and HBO'ing. Actually it wasn't HBO this time, the Italian Job was on TNT.

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Congratulations for bringing the blog nearly up to the date you're writing. Thank goodness for that check and those motel stays!

by Sheryl S

Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall Gang! Did you see the hole in the wall. gosh, paul newmann and robert redford were hot in that movie!

by georgi r

Man you two make me want to go out and get some Subway. Its like Corey and my Taco Bell equivalent.

by buddy-JC

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