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Bryce Part Too Awesome

Today we retired the Neo glasses, so here is your last shot!


Then we got our ice cream (for the last time! so sad) and sun chips to dip in our conqueso sauce (we're having one of them healthy breakfasts). Then it was off to Bryce again where we did the entire Navajo loop (awesome!).

Here is Joe's game of find the image in the rock:
(He see's 4 girls dancing in dresses)


Joe doing Drunken Lepard (a form he made for my b-day)


That, was seriously the best coke of my life. Coke out of a glass bottle, I don't care how snobby this sounds, really is a whole nother drink. This night we drove, and almost made it to Zion. We stopped at this place called Zion "the East End Pizza" and we spilt a slice while we waited for the sun to go down. Then we crossed the street, got freaked out by the horse that was in the fence right next to the campsite, heard a couple of southern guys drive up to move the horse (at like 10pm at night! whats going on?), and then we busted ass in the morning and got out before the sun rose. (We just got done having almost a full week of motes, we can't afford to pay for camping).

Posted by - Rain 12:47

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i don't see four girls dancing in dresses. does joe miss being with you and your three sisters? (dancing in dresses?) or does joe miss dancing in dresses?
Brittany posted this on her facebook, and i don't know if she wrote it, but it's awesome and applies to you guys too:
"My world had for some years been in the same place: my experiences had been of its rules and systems; now I remembered that the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, awaited those who had courage to go forth into its expanse, to seek real knowledge of life admits its perils"

by georgi r

also, this guy on the plane back from Arizona said don't miss Sedona, I googled it, and it looks awesome~

by georgi r

i see the 4 sisters!

by georgi r

I see them too! I finally caught up with the blog, I was like 10 entries behind. How did you get over your flu so fast van? I've had a lingering cough from mine for two freakin weeks!

The newest sights are mouth watering. It's hard for me to read this blog and not feel like my life in completely inadequate at the moment.

by laurr

Great pictures.

...4 girls dancing in dresses...hmm...what did you guys put in that conqueso sauce???

by tzimmer

Why did you retire the Neo glasses? Coke from a glass bottle is liquid goodness.

by buddy-JC

They got retired b/c Joe bought motorcycle goggles (tinted). The only time he ever wears sunglasses is when he is either 1.) pretending to be Neo (which happens... well, anyways) and when he is driving. With room still being an issue, the glasses were in effect, retired.

by - Rain

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