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Quit Playin' Games ------------(With My Heart)

I salute you Jessica, and your backstreet boys

Back up.

There are no convertibles.

I wake up early and I can't go back to sleep. It is the morning after.

Last night was really the end and I'm surprised that she agreed to sleep in the same crappy motel. It was the crappiest of the trip. Everything was dirty. Everything didn't work. There was piss and shit on the toilet seat. I hear the shower was less than stellar too.

I tell V to switch beds so I can plug in the laptop and sit on the bed. She groggily obliges and quickly passes out.

After finding out there is no internet, I immerse myself in Rome: Total War, my video game from my cousin Ellis. I am hiding from the pain and this game is so distracting. It is like a time machine for me. Taking me to a time that fits me so well. A time of warriors and swords; of battles and bravery. A world that seems simple and easy compared to modern society.

I play a general in a young growing Jullii family (Julius Caesar's). I cooly play the politics and grow my empire. Then, a rogue group of rebels pops up in the middle of my lands (probably from those strays that left my army). I slowly move my long range standing army to fight them in battle.

As you can imagine I'm quite distracted now. I certainly feel needed (My people! They need me!) It is now 10:00 am and getting close to check out. I battle anyways (It is what I was made for). It is a long hard fight, but my strategies, troop movements, tactics, archers, and catapults drive them away whenever they think they have an attack.

Now it's past check out and V leaves and goes to starbucks. I pack up and leave everything in a pile at the bike and back to my game until the buff man maid (man-made?) kicks me out so he can clean the room. I apologize and walk to Starbucks.

I'm sure I look strange running along with an open laptop, checking on my battle several times for a break. I finish the battle at Starbucks and I have won.

My army was evenly matched and I lost few men (mostly killed by me). The enemy general used one good strategy that made me put my most important cavalry in harms way. Then, his cavalry struck with all they had. It was too confusing for the men, and by the time I got the cavalry away they were shot up with my own arrows (There will always be sacrifice, so make it something you don't need. Never sacrifice what is most important).

I quit the game and began trying to apply these life lessons to this world.

It didn't work so well.

We fought and fought. I felt like I was compromising, but I have learned that Vanessa is too stubborn for that crap.
Like many women in marriage as I hear it, "It's their way or the highway." (and they are always right)

She wants to take a bus to Phoenix, where there are some good car sales. I am about to drop her off. We try to switch the title of the motorcycle to me.

Shit! It's Sunday and it's closed.

She unhappily gets on the back of the motorcycle and we ride the two hours to Phoenix.

Our pictures are like our moods: Crazy and not so good. Some of it is purposeful, like the finger blocking the Sun that we need to photoshop (ALIENS ARE ATTACKING!!)

We are stooped at a viewpoint of a never-ending vast forest (I meant stopped, but when that word popped out I thought it fit).

We don't appreciate it.

(Stupid forest.)

I let go and did some soaring crane set 3 for my back and knees.

We ride into Phoenix and the weather is so good that we are OK.

We eat a little Subway (3...yes, 3 foot longs, any sub you want, only $13.49 until Christmas, thank you Jesus!)

We blog at Denny's. Though I'm the only one who blogs now. Then, the plan was to sleep for free at the North Phoenix RV park. We tent camped for the last time and slept on opposite sides of the air mattress.

And, I saved the crazy pics for last:



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can we get a happy post? i'm so sad.

by georgi r

the fourth picture I like that you can see the light bending...

by CoreyAnn

Yea I engross my self in video games because its such a grand escape. It tends to level out my mood quite well. I cant get enough of the stuff! The "my people need me!" part reminded me of my WoW playing days. "Nooo i need to get on as soon as possible. My guild needs me!"

by buddy-JC

I didn't realize I was involved with a gamer until last year. And I thought I was the one who was supposed to be into video games (Diablo III, please come soon!)

by - Rain

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