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Convert A Bull

And sometimes Convertibullshit

Sometimes she is the Bull. She stubbornly needed the freedom and independence of always being in the driver's seat, or she could not love me.


(Of course) Sometimes I am the bull. I am stubborn too, and I needed to be converted to a less dominant role. I will be more patient, and let her do her thing (no backseat driving!)

The days go by and we ride to Sedona...Flagstaff...Grand Canyon...Page...and on east, hitting the route originally planned.

Our love hate relationship was graphed like this:

Where the red line is fighting (there will be blood!) and the green line is love (because it makes you sick)


Obviously we are doing well.

This graph is kind of like the Tao of Jones (Invest in us now! Hate is at -300 points. Buy! Buy! Buy!)

If you notice, the night of November fifth we hit a harmonious equilibrium of 310 acts of love and fighting (busy night), and the Tao shifted, which exploded my mind. Sorry, if I am ,from here on, incomprehensible. SaDO kikjif jjjjjjjjj! Ahaldik it the sadkee. I can't feel my tooooesssss! Aka aka dooo.

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tanks; and i even like the color!

by georgi r

RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD. my husband and i have been together for 6.5 years, we have spent *maybe* 4 nights apart since the day we met, and our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up next month.

i have thrown my rings at him, he has stomped out the door and called me awful things on the front porch.

i love him more than anyone i've ever known in my life.

c'est la vie. i hope things work out the way they're supposed to. you guys are in a stressful situation all around, and spending 24 hours a day together. nerves get frayed! plan time where you guys can do your own thing, even for one day a week. it will help!

been really enjoying the blog and especially the photos, keep it up :)

by sophie

i finally slept last night.

by georgi r

tee hee, i get it, the Tao Jones Industrial Average!

by georgi r

I'm glad that's what it was...constantly being in the back seat, the whole arm situation...I don't blame you Van...but I'm glad you resolved it...this seems like a good balance...can't wait to see you both in a few months...we're just going to play catch up the entire time we are there...lol...

by CoreyAnn

The graph, with investment advice, is a lot of fun. But at the end, the Zen moment (back to Pirsig?) is a bit confusing. Would I need to speak anime to get it? Anyway, about the Tao, I'm looking forward to the yin and the yang--that is, more dual blogs, V and J, as of old.

by Sheryl S

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