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It's Movie Night!

For you, not us.

We haven't looked at a TV since we overloaded at our home, at the Red Rock Motel the first time.

I hope you like Kung Fu movies...

First Video in the Convertible- Sedona, Arizona

Master Yang's Fire Intellectual Fist
This forest fire still burned at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I was inspired to show my fire element, both from my material and my spirit (Master Yang would say I am not extending enough. However, fire is not rigid, and what if your enemy is inches away? If you notice, I am having to use the fire zigzag movement to dodge burning logs at my feet).

Improv. Gung Fu and Improv. Drunken Style
These are both Fire Element styles according to the old Taoist texts (I Ching, Tao Te Ching). The fire element inside us is free, wild, energetic, fun, and warm (and, might I add, "Tasty")

White Tiger Style, Form and Intent, Fire Element
This is my own creation. A style that is based on the old ways of Intellectual Fist. I use the original name of the style Form and Intent. I based it off of my research and listening to Master Yang. There was no salute (beginning of the form to salute school and master) or specific way you turned. You just started doing the repetitive simple movements of the elements. My fire element looks like the water element of modern Intellectual fist. I thought it didn't make sense for water to strike upward. Fire is wild and its energy explodes upward. Look at the fire in the movement.

Improvised Strength and Power Exercise
This was on the edge of the Little Colorado River Gorge. We climbed over the annoying cage of railings and down into the scene. While I was down there a tour group was up top watching me. The guy who was acting as their knowledgeable tour guide didn't like the attention straying from him. He was pointing out all sorts of interesting things about the way the canyon had been formed when A cute old woman said, "...And what about that. Explain what that young man is doing."

"Him? Oh, he must have lost his mind long ago."

She replied in her adorable tone, "Sounds like a man after your own heart."

Someone else of course said, "Namas Day."

Here is Tsai Chang Chuan Northern 7-start Mantis. Master Yang says that in Taiwan it is called Baum Boo.

V hiding in a water hole
You wanted fun videos of our quirky personalities. Sorry, there isn't more. Vanessa doesn'tn like being herself on video. She says, "I'm not a performing monkey! Don't put coins in my music box!" I'll try to catch her having fun more. This is in the amazing Water Holes Canyon south of Page Arizona; Navajo land; Grand Canyon area.

Earth Bending Master Carves the Water Holes Canyon
I try to let these surroundings inspire me. I was just having fun, so my Gung Fu isn't the best. My excuse is that I had been walking and climbing all day and my right knee hurt, so my stances are high and loosy goosy (From Ciani's dream: In the midst of an epic battle where all our Kung Fu friends are fighting a hoard of demons, Joe says, "Ok...You guys need to get lower in your stances." Ciani yells, "Not now Joe! We're in the middle of a battle!")

Notice that Vanessa is breathing hard. The canyon bottom is very deep loose sand and it is very hard to walk with any speed. I was Kung Fu walking the entire time, and I swear, It made it ten times easier to balance, ground myself, and push off the sand. I wasn't out of breath at all. I hope my energy is strong enough that I can make an impression on this canyon. Imagine an energy field and bolts of electromagnetic energy subtly affecting the rock.

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thanks for the fun videos, except i couldn't enjoy the part where joe was exhibiting highly risky behavior and all could think about was poor sheryl having a heart attack! i know joe, it's fun now that you know you could live through it (ask vanessa, it's a quote from the chipmunk adventure!)

by georgi r

ahhhhhhhhhh, vanessa, hope you're looking down NOT thru the video camera, on those ledges! also, is it my imagination, or is vanessa driving a la' England? on the wrong side of the road? (i'm thinkin' it's a one way street :)

by georgi r

Awesome videos! The height thing still makes me nervice as hell. I cant imagine how it would feel being there doing that.

by buddy-JC

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