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We're tired of twittering: "now we're blogging and omg, it's so cool!"

The Crazy Car


It is nighttime at the scenic Wal-mart in Flagstaff. V gets a copy of the key made, and it works in the glove and the arm rest compartments, but when Vanessa turns the key the convertible starts and then dies.


She starts it again and I tell her to give it some gas. It dies again and we're freakin out:

"I told you to give it gas!"

"I did!"

"...uh oh."

Now the car won't start at all. The starter won't even turn.

I hail a guy in a truck with his wife and they jump us and jump us some more. He tells me the car has juice (I'm guessing orange) and maybe the starter doesn't work.


My bro's starter got stuck and it was about 500 bucks.

I start reading the manuel while we were in Wal-mart trying to figure out where to go and what to do. The first couple pages starts talking about the key. Turns out it's a smart key. It doesn't have any buttons and it's thin. But, it has some kind of infrared sensor chip. If the car doesn't see the chip it will turn on twice and die. Then it will immobilize the vehicle.

Wow. I look up how to mobilize while V checks on it. I find that the mobilizer takes 18 minutes. 3 minutes with the red security system dash light flashing and 15 to just chill.

This car is insane. It has serious security for 3 grand. We don't even know. Time to study the book and find out what the black box under the passenger seat is (sorry, it's not really a warp drive...I think).

Grand Canyon in a Nutshell

We go to take the scenic drive to the south rim.

It wasn't that scenic, but we could see Vanessa's San Francisco Peaks. Reivan goes there.


We could smell a forest fire.

The smoke masked the peaks.

We drive into the grand canyon (Did Vanessa go right over the cliff? she's out of practice).

there it is...again.

Yup...Still not that impressed.


It's so vast you can't be in it.

But, I sure as hell try. I climbed down in.

Saw an animal path and walked along a slippery slope (figurative?)

Sat and ate lunch next to a huge ballancing rock.

As usual tourists commented and joked, "Do you see the guy?", "Namas Day.", "Don't jump."

I climbed straight up as usual. In mid climb I come to some vertical slate; no hand-holds. I see over to the left the slate overlaps another piece forming a crack behind the wall and I climb by squeezing my fists in there.

I'm kinda crazy sometimes. Any bad-ass you meet is extra special because they are one of the ones who survived.

Vanessa's Grand Canyon

V: So I was a little surprised about the Grand Canyon since my favorite pictures of the Grand Canyon are apparently an 8 mile hike into the canyon (of which we did not do). But then as we were leaving the Grand Canyon, and planning to go to the North Rim where I think I might be able to see the river better from... I see what I was looking for in the distance.


The Little Colorado River is an offshoot from the Colorado River, and it apparently dries up more than flows, so it was not the scene I was hoping for, but it was closer to my idea of the Grand Canyon. I think I might photoshop a picture of a blue rushing river over the dried mud river when I have time.

The next morning:

We decided to skip the North Rim of the Grand Canyon since we agreed that we would be seeing pretty much the same thing, just from a different angle, and I really wanted to go and see the Little Colorado River Gorge in the daylight. So we spent the morning just outside the Grand Canyon.

(Does anyone else notice Joe growls every time the camera gets me on tape? Or am I just being paranoid?)

We drove to several scenic pull offs to see more views of the dried up riverbed, and I still loved every moment. Especially the moments when Joe was preparing to do a form down past the guardrails and a tour group spotted him. (See Movie Night for the video of Joe doing Mantis).

"Look, there's a boy down there!"
"How do you explain him?" - question asked to their tour guide
"Well, I don't explain him, but you only get to make one mistake when that happens."
"Is that your man down there?"
"Guilty as charged" - that was me
"He is about to do a Kung Fu form, would you like me to see if he'd do it now?"
All the old people get excited and whip out there camera's
"Hey, I promised them Mantis, you ready?"
"How about some Mantis improv?" - that was Joe
So he does his improv, and when done, the people clap and one woman yelled out to him "Namasday!"


Joe's Little Colorado River

V: Back in Page when we were leaving for the Grand Canyon (the first time) we drove down this mountain that overlooked hundreds of these little canyons all on this flat plain as far as the eye could see. I think Joe was more excited about seeing these canyons again than he was seeing the Grand Canyon (I think that my disappointment in the canyon was to blame for that. But I didn't like these little canyons either (again, too far for me to focus on), but that didn't dwindle his excitement. So maybe that means he has finally moved on from being so effected by my moods, or that I wasn't the cause of his Grand Canyon non-excitement.


Our Antelope Canyon

Almost back to Page now, we find the Waterhole's that Dale had told us to go to the first time we were in Page. Small sign, then a fence that said that trespassing goes against both Tribal and Federal Law. So what does Joe do? He finds one of those entrances that has fence that looks like it overlaps, but theres really a walkway in between, and he goes in. Well, I really wanted to see antelope Canyon, and Dale said that this place was like Antelope Canyon, but not as dramatic. I was sold, and so we hurried along a trail to the canyon. Getting there we see this awesome smooth flowing rock canyon that reminds me a little of the Wave. I love it and say "I wish we could have gone down there!" as the sun was setting; to which Joe replied, "We are going down there!"

It was not easy to get down. Very steep, sandy rocks led down a path that Joe pointed out had foot prints in the sand, so it was where you were to exit the canyon, but going down seemed a lot harder than when we eventually got back to this point and climbed back up.


(See Movie Night to watch Joe as he "carves" the Water Holes Canyon)


This last picture is of Joe next to a vertically smashed car under the bridge. It would seem that the car was either purposefully driven off the bridge to act as a barrier to keep people out of the other side of the canyon, or just a very lucky car crash at the point where the canyon becomes hard to maneuver through.

Hobo Just Means Homeward Bound

It was getting dark, so we went home for the first time in over a week! (At least I think its been over a week, its hard to remember how long its been as we had a very hard week and were homesick for the Red Rock Motel.)

I dropped Joe off and immediately drove to the grocery store for supplies for our kitchen! Little did I know...

Back at our home Joe was waiting behind a not to friendly looking guy for a room. There aren't many left! Last week the place was empty, but this weekend is a big hot air balloon thing, so the place was packed. Joe crossed his fingers and held his breath as Dale gave the slightly disgruntled man room 114B (our place!). We remember the number, because we lived at apartment 114 in Tallmadge (and this wasn't the first motel to give us our number either). Joe asks Dale if he had any other rooms with kitchenettes, thinking about how sad it would be when I came back with all sorts of baking ingredients with no oven or stove. It looks grim, but then Mr. Grim walked back into the office rather put out. The room hadn't been cleaned! "Oh yeah!" Dale exclaimed as he told the guy that a woman had stayed real short there, and the maid didn't come in to clean the room yet. So he give the guy a different room, and then offered it to Joe for $25 for the night! He said that he didn't even think she used the shower, and he would get clean sheets for us. "Hell yeah!" I'm not sure if these were his exact words, but I can imagine that it was what was going through Joe's head at the time.

When I came back I talked to Dale for a bit, and he brought us over 2 movies to watch: The Burning Man and Into The Wild (of which he was in!) If you've ever seen the movie, he is the one driving the boat on the river in the Arizona scene. Then Burning Man is this festival in the desert were everyone comes and just gives without ever thinking of receiving. There is no money allowed, and everything is gifted. The people coming to this art festival of any kind of art you can imagine, are told to come and expect to be completely self sufficient so they will never need things from others, and they all end up taking away so much more than they came with, even though they gave away or used everything they brought! I can't really explain it, so you have to watch the movie if you can find it, or just look at this site: http://www.burningman.com/ We watched The Burning Man while we made oatmeal walnut date cookies for desert and oven baked salmon for dinner.

Dale came back while I was on the phone with my grandma and Joe was skyping with his parents, and they had the most ridicules blast together! It was hard to hear my grandma because they were being the rowdiest people doing Tai Chi together I've ever heard! They were having so much fun, and Dale had never heard of skype, so it was like an early Christmas. My grandma and I hung up, and then I was on the phone with my mom, and they were still partying in the kitchen. I had to make my mom hold at one point when I heard them just get too loud to try to block out.

Dale to Joe's dad: "You're name is Allen! My name is Allen too!"
I guess Dale is his middle name, and Joe's mom's name is Sheryl, and Dale's wife's name is Sheryl; and it just went from there. Fun stuff all night, and it was like our problems, just for one night, were gone because we were safe and back home with our extended family. He took care of us, and even left the laundry door open for us so we had a utility room too.

I'm sorry, this is the more short story page right? Well, deal with it. I'll try and keep with Joe's scheme next time.

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joe does growl everytime the camera is on vanessa! how funny, and observant of you vanessa, i actually laughed out loud! also, that pink and blue wavy canyone, i think is my favorite of the trip! how beautiful, as Monet would say "all breast of pigeon and flame of punch!" what colors, like a Monet painting! And I had to google 'namas day' cuz you guys keep saying it, and i hate when someone knows a word i don't(ever since i was 8 and didn't get the joke: 'how do you get down off an elephant? you don't get down off an elephant, silly, you get down off a goose!'- it almost made me crazy until i finally learned what 'down' was!- there was no google then!) Anyway, 'namaste! to you too'

by georgi r

I laughed out loud too. Joe, wtf.
The imitation wave is amazing. Makes me want to touch it which is exactly what you're not supposed to do. Arg!

by laurr

I've heard of cards having special keys that look normal. I was panicking for a minute there. That would suck to have the car break so soon! The wave pictures are awesome! I agree with Laura...I totally want to touch them.

by buddy-JC

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