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A Monumental Occasion

of ginormous proportions!

So, for anyone confused, or anyone that cares, here is a timeline:
Phoenix - buy a convertible, drive to Sedona

Pictues skipped by short stories:
Not much happened here, I was on the phone with Jenna, thats about it. But, pictures deserve a spot in the blog, so here is Montezuma's Castle that we passed on the way north to the Sedona


Sedona - drive to, spend one night and day. The first night Joe does Long Fist 3

Grand Canyon - drive to, spend one day, then the next just outside at the Little Colorado River Gorge
Page - drive to, see the Water Hole Canyon, spend the night, and now we spend most of the next day.


We watch Into The Wild all morning as we make breakfast and eat it in bed (its nice to be home). Checkout approaches, and we drag out stuff out to the car (late as usual) and we finish the movie plugged into the outdoor outlet. This was probably unnecessary, but even family can over extend their welcome. Then we try and find seat covers for my front seats (so they don't look like they were slashed in a drug search) to no avail, but we did learn that there are 2 fuse boxes in the car, one for external electricity, and one for internal after my cigarette lighter outlet shorted. Problems with the car? Luckily, still not ones that we can't fix quick.


Its late afternoon, and we are still chill as we leave Page. Fighting has not erupted, and I think both of us are shocked and pleased at the same time. Note: this did not happen without some effort on both parts, but some of this bliss can be contributed to the green magic mobile.

The sun sets, and we did not make it to the Navajo National Monument before dark, but things are still chill. "We will just see it tomorrow." (Did that just come out of my mouth? Well, it did back then, now I just typed it.) Joe got a demo Native American CD to play in my 6 disc changer, and we listened to it on repeat the 30 min. we had left to get to our destination. We slept at the campground there, and Joe went to the bathroom (the women,s) in the dark. I guess the restrooms had running water, but the lights weren't on, and the woman's bathroom had better lighting from the windows. When I went to the bathroom the nest morning, I had lights and running water. I guess the restrooms just prefer girls. The campground was by donation only, and I feel strongly about this because this is the first one we've seen all trip! So for the first time all trip, we paid for a campground when we didn't have to (way to go Navajo National Monument, b/c we've tent camped for free at more sites than we've gotten caught and had to pay for, so if you charged, odds are we wouldn't have paid.)

Then I got to see my first pueblo village!


They don't let you get close, but they had those binoculars that you have to give a 25 cents to in order to use, but this one was free! So, again, I've never paid to use the provided binoculars, but I did drop a quarter into the donation box this time. Way to give without expecting to receiving! Very Burning Man! I am inspired.

Joe got lost down another trail we went down together for a scenic view of the canyon. I left first to go see the pueblos because I was too excited to see them to stay looking at the canyon with Joe. Then Joe missed the path back up to the main trail doing Kung Fu hiking, and he came close to scaling a wall that separated the visitors from the trial archeologists use to go right up to the pueblos. In a pleasant surprise, Joe chose to skip his adventure to come find me since he had already been missing for a long while,and he knew I would be wondering where he was. I was already back at the visitors center, and I left him a note to come find me there if he checked for me at the car. He never ended up going down the trail to see the pueblos, but he said he didn't want to b/c he knew we had limited time this week to see a lot of things, and he's already seen way better villages at Mesa Verde, and he wants to get to those for me as well as for himself. But not yet, first, we drive to Monument Valley.


(notice the spoon in Joe's hand, some things never change)


I loved this tree, so we drove around it again, and you have to watch how it moves. It reminds me of Joe's Dragon Ba Gua (Don't ask me why we didn't stop to have Joe do that set here. We are slow sometimes.)


Joe would like you to notice how the camera's are lined up like their own monuments at Monument Valley.


Tai Chi Set 2:


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I love that it's called the green magic mobile...if you guys make it to the skirt of Las Vegas you need a car shot like the one Joe's been taking...

...I've been reading way out of order...but it sounds like you are both having a great time again...I'm so happy to hear that...

...I remember Mesa Verde...there was a Ranger there who had the same number of earrings as I use to...I joked that we both had postage stamp perforations in our ears...

by CoreyAnn

These are some of your best photos, and the tai chi set with that background is perfect. Glad to see your clothes (shorts) too. The warm weather must be welcome. I remember that drive through Monument Valley as being really amazing, but your video of the tree captured something unique about it. Thanks, Vanessa, for pointing out the spoon--I had missed that!

by Sheryl S

i just look at pictures some times... your going to be able to tell cuz of what im saying next lol...
1. love vanessa's hair
2. love the cute pic of u jow hold v whose wrapped in a blanket or something
3. BEST PIC EVER Joe with the spoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AMAZING :) :) :) :) :) :)

lastly I have to say I am uber bored here in tiffin can i come there... jk... i wish... :(


by danielle

i would have missed the spoon too, best part of a great pic! so the essence of joe! i loved the blanked wrapped hug too! the tree is gorgeous! i found a tree that i fell in love with in Cork; trees are cool. Vanessa, you are a computer sim person, CG joe doing ba gua in front of the tree! i love the set in monument valley, so peaceful and quiet, and reverent. I think i'll watch that next time i'm stressed instead of taking a xanax!

by georgi r

I also vote for the blanket-wrapped hug as a great photo--I immediately set it as my wallpaper, replacing an earlier favorite from the blog. I agree too about the tai chi set video being one I could watch to relax. Much preferred to stories of risky moves near a precipice (Georgi, pass that xanax, please!).

by Sheryl S

"Joe is fighting a rock!" (to Vanessa and Joe, who am I paraphrasing?)

by georgi r

omg, I don't know! And Joe isn't here! I'll have to ask him this weekend.

by - Rain

the spoon! bahahahhaha!
nice sunsets!

by laurr

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