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Joe has been bugging me to "Stop buying from vendors! Buy from the artist!" I keep telling him that by buying from the vendor I am both supporting Native American artists, and Native Americans who draw like him.

Explanation/ Side Note:
His drawing of Pax really wasn't that bad, its just that Jenna was also sketching Pax at the time, and then they compared sketches. They were both trying to come up with Pax's outfit, and when they showed us what they drew... well, we kind of laughed (the laughter was not directed at Jenna). We don't let things go when they are good and embarrassing. Like the first time I saw Joe with a pony tail (long before we were dating, back in the day when he wouldn't really talk to me) and I was in the middle of the Mantis form (one of 2 people using the floor). I stopped, starred, mentally drooled, and asked if anyone else noticed that Joe had a ponytail. Yeah, they all kinda looked at me with a horrified face that said: You know do it to yourself. But then again, none of our friends really bring that situation up much. Just me. So I guess I don't let embarrassing things go. Maybe that says something about me.

Back to the traveling:

Today I saw my first artist working at the side of the road overlooking Canyon De Chelly! (And yes, I totally got stuff from artists toady, and since I don't have a home at the moment, friends and family are making out on all the things I like.


No, those aren't footprints, their water chakras! Well, they've dried up, but you get the picture. (I didn't think they looked like footprints until I saw them in the photo. In real life (what you should be plugged into! - inside joke with myself b/c that story won't come until Sedona #3... yeah, we really love that place.)


Now for the main event, the hike down to the White House (called by the Navajo b/c of the white color of the building... I guess the paint chipped. Well, you'll see what I mean.


Side A of our 2 man set:

Then we drove into town to get more money, realized that there wasn't a grocery store nearby where Joe could get cash back, neither of our banks have existed since Colorado, and this town was Wal-Mart-less (where I've been getting all my cash from once I discovered they give cash back w/o letting you debit card know its cash back! Great trick! I purchased a postcard for $100.25 and loved it! I think Joe's grandparent's are the luck recipient of the $100.25 postcard. So Jerry, if you're still reading our blog, I'm gunna let ya know right now, that's all you're getting from me this Christmas (I didn't even spend that much on my grandma!). Did I run with that too long?

I break down and go to the ATM at the lodge (it was only $2). So we go back to the first place we saw artists and the thing I wanted for Jeremy was still there (yay!) I go to hand the man my money, and Joe picked up something that wasn't there this morning. "OOOOOOUUUUU" He asks how much, to which I reply "Don't answer that, we can't afford it." We agree when he does answer that we don't like Jeremy that much (still less than Jerry's postcard though. Too much now, or was I already past the too much point? Hard to tell how far to go in these time delayed conversations.) We buy the one we picked out that morning, and were on our way. Then he comes to our car and makes us a deal. I tell him I still don't have that much. "How much do you have?" I tell him the full amount I got from the ATM, and he went to ask his boss (wife in the van). She agrees, but then he discovers that I included the gift we just bought in the amount of money I have. We agree to forget about it, but then Joe says we have to return the gift and get the one he just finished. We pull out, turn around, pull back in, and Joe gets to haggling. Jeremy, you'll be happy to know, this gift is perfect for you, and it wasn't cheap, so you have to share it with Ciani and you baby... (I know the sex, but if you want to know, you'll have to ask them. I'm sure C will never get tired of talking about her new discovery).

Then we book it to the end of the line, passing everything we already saw to get to the last stop before sundown (we only did the south rim unfortunately. The sun was setting before we could hit the north rim, and we were on a tight schedule).


And yeah, if you're wondering, I totally Photoshopped Joe in there. He's afraid of heights, poor thing.

Posted by - Rain 18:26

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Striking last photo! Did you find out the name of that formation in the background? I remember when we saw it. Other especially nice photos include the steep vertical shot of the ruins with the tree in the top right corner, and the one of Joe leaning out of the tree. Great photography, even without photoshop!

by Sheryl S

i'm sure sheryl appreciates knowing that was photoshopped! much safer.
i love the image of joe's shadow on the rock, did he have a blanket on? i call this one "I am the dread pirate roberts and i have come for your souulllllllllllllll!" (thanks to brittany for remembering the exact quote i wanted - geekier than me!) I also call the joe in the tree "YMCA tree" -was he doing the dance? or was that hang on sloopy? O-H-I-O? Vanessa in a blanket on overlook is my new desktop, i tried the cool one of vanessa with a tree branch over her head, but it wouldn't fit my screen correctly. reallly great photography, both of you, i agree with sheryl! (us moms have to stick together!)

by georgi r

Its called Spider Rock. And you guys know I was kidding about the Photoshop thing... right? And no, Joe is just that big, no blanket. No, he wasn't dancing, just being Joe.

by - Rain

ahhhhhhhhhh, no photoshop? no, i never know when you are kidding!

by georgi r

There was definitely some thick sarcasm in there :-). Love the picture of Joe acting like a branch on the tree.

by buddy-JC

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