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Roughing it


Notes from Meeting people in New Places:

1.) One of the cops that found us camping at Medieval Times made fun of our backpack. "I told you no man would ever buy that." I tried to explain to him the my mom bought it on clearance, but he seemed to have already come to that conclusion...
2.) The video at the war memorial of Joe squirting blood was seriously coincidental and not preplanned, and now that I realize the connection, highly inappropriate. He would have done the same thing at any fountain.

Moving on, we rode down a backroad with huge mansion estates. Very pretty. We decided that parking is the key to camping for free. We've got to park somewhere that a bike could stay all night and then walk to a park or forest. We found a 24 hour Jewel Osco grocery and walked about 3/4 mile with camp gear, backpack, and laptop to a wetland between developments that we had picked out. We couldn't look suspicious so we used tactics like carrying some snack food and smiling at people. We trekked through super high grass when the street was clear around 9 after sunset. We found a clearing in the woods and camped uncomfortably. We also thought people found us a couple times, but it was just people and cars passing on the street. When we wake up we don't care if we get caught, so we're louder. I found a walking stick that I chopped and carved. The rough free camping was a success, but next time we'll leave the back pack and bring the inflatable mattress suitcase.

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Joe, that is an okay one-time thing, but if you keep doing it, eventually your luck will run out and you'll be eaten by a bear.

And squirting blood? I thought Joe's silhouette was bathing in the public fountain. Which is funny and appropriate to your situation. Not the sick and twisted that you were apparently going for.

by ndwitkin

I too thought the fountain video was a clever way of suggesting that you needed a shower. As for free camping, sounds adventurous and challenging but not very restful--aside from the bear threat, can you keep it up? And where are you? Are you heading for the Badlands?

by Sheryl S

yeah, totally thought Joe was pretending to take a shower--you're sick

by BritterBee

sorry about the backpack! geez ;)
Hi Sheryl - thanks for the pic of V and J, I framed it! -friend me on facebook, we definitely need to stay in touch.

by georgi r

sorry about the backpack! geez!
Sheryl, thanks for the pic of V and J - I framed it!
friend me on facebook - we need to stay in touch!

by georgi r

yeah, i hit enter twice!;)

by georgi r

yay van! I figured I should join this thing after I left you a nonsensical birthday message and then realized your phone probably is out of commission by now. So ...happy belated birthday. You old fogey. So is Joe's phone still goin? And ditto to thinking the fountain was a shower reference. Keep writing, this is awesome. And take care of that arm!

by Laurr

Hey I think camping sounds like it's going great...I bet as you keep going: 1. you'll get better at know how to 'act natural' based on where you are and find the spots that good and hidden...2. you'll find people care less...hopefully...

...glad you got a system...damn the man...this is america...land is free...or at least the first 30' off the road was paid for with you taxes...so screw them!...

...happy birthday...I left a message too...I was talking about you to my family at the shower and wanted to confirm...who are you staying with in China? your Kung Fu master or his/her family? India? Yoga instructor? Yoga instructor's family? Where else are you going after Australia?...anyways...I'm sure I'll find out eventually...you're just doing the coolest thing ever right now...I have to brag...

by CoreyAnn

1. We are going to do more legit camping b/c the stress/ bugs at night setup and early morning break down/ and whispering we had to deal with finally got to me (Vanessa). Joe, on the other hand, loves it. I told him to get a more outdoorsy girlfriend.

2. My phone for whatever reason cannot locate service, and hasn't for the past few states. Joe's phone however, is alive and well. He never checks his messages though, so the best way to reach us is still through my gmail since we try to get free WiFi on a daily basis.

3. In China we are going to do the WWOF, so hopefully we will be on a farm in Beijing until Master Yong comes about a month after we get there. Then we are going to Japan and doing more organic farming. After that we want to head to India where we will be staying at our Yoga instructor's teacher's ashram. Then a woman from our Tai Chi class has offered to let us stay with her as well since she lives in India during the winter. In Australia we might go back to school, but the after that we want to move to New Zealand.

by Van-essa

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