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I'm so excited! I drive into town and I totally plan to eat at some diner called the Crash Down (or something else cool) where the waitresses wear outfits with aliens on them and hats with glittery tentacles.


I keep driving down main street, but after 2 blocks, the alien attractions stop. The place kinda reminds me of Lakewood (no offense, but I was disappointed). I just need to find the visitor center, then they will tell me where all the trendy touristy stuff is. I keep driving... I can't find the damn place. I turn around once I pass all the motels and hit the middle of nowhere. I must have passed the Military Institute like 4 times looking for the visitor center. So I finally took a picture of the damn cannon shooting the tree.


I drove around some more until I realized that there were less than a dozen places in Roswell that had anything alien, and they all existed in a 2 block radius. So I went to the UFO Museum. There they asked me for $5. I looked around at what I could see, and the place reminded me of a Junior High poster fair, but not as creative. You know, where you staple your report and some pictures to a big fold up poster board and glue the occasional artifact. I ask the woman if there is anything else in Roswell... touristy. She kinda shakes her head and gives me one squinted eye that tells me "Not really." She gets out a pamphlet and circles some free art museums that I should go to, and then points out the free zoo, and then finally the National Park that is not too far away.

Defeated and really smelly, I start searching for a motel. I go to the motel 6, which is not a motel, but a hotel, and doesn't have nearly close to 6 rooms, but more like 3 stories of rooms. I am not hopeful of a decent price, but they had an indoor pool, and I really wanted a pick me up. "How much for one person?" "85 plus tax" I was almost going to as her how much for 2 people, wondering if they worked on the same system as grocery stores (buy in bulk).

So I drove around and found the place that looked run down, but wasn't (I'm getting a good eye for these diamonds in the ruff). He tells me $40 plus tax. I sighed, and honestly asked if he knew of any motels that were closer to around $30. He said that he could give me a queen bed rather than the king bed for $30. Wow, I didn't think that it would work, mostly b/c I wasn't trying to pull anything, I was really ready to keep looking around. They also had free cereal and juice for breakfast. I was sold. I asked them if there was anything touristy here, and they looked at me like "why?" I clarified "You know, like aliens and UFOs?" They smiled at me and kinda chuckled "No, just the UFO Museum, that's about it. We don't really have any of that stuff in Roswell." Okkkaaayyyyy...

When I walk into the room, my throat immediately clenches up (like when you watch a sad movie and you're trying not to cry and you get that burning sensation in the pit of your throat). I check the door next to mine, and it has to no smoking sign that my door lacked. Now, I'm not as bad as some of my family where they can't even be around someone smoking. I've been to bars and concerts, and the fresh smoke doesn't bother me. Its when the smoke has made itself part of a cars upholstery I have to sit in or my bed I desperately want to sleep in, that I start having problems. I was on the phone with my mom at the time, and I let out a plethora of colorful metaphors that she apparently has learned to subconsciously tune out. When I went back to the front desk, they were gone (who leaves a hotel unmanned at 5pm?) Hungry, I decide to get some dinner. I really want pizza since Joe dislikes getting pizza, so I'm looking for a place and I pass a CiCi's. I know I cannot eat a whole buffet worth of food, so I go in and ask for one med. pizza for 4.99 to eat tonight and tomorrow (I have a fridge and microwave). Well, the med. pizza w/ one topping is the same price as the all you can eat soup, salad, and pizza bar where they will make you whatever pizza you want, with whatever toppings, with whatever number of slices all for $4.99. So, of course, I went for the buffet.

While there I called the front desk, and they were back. I explained the situation, and they told me when I got back they would have a non-smoking room I could switch to. The place was really nice, and it even had a wonderfully comfortable sofa!


I watched a little man vs. wild and thought of Joe (sorry he's not here b/c it seems a waist to pay for a room for only one person, but glad I get the TV and the computer all to my self). I wrap everyone's presents that I'm still procrastinating on sending (b/c I can), and I set up the computer to get ready for some blogging. Then I think, I can blog at any Starbucks, but I can only watch Castle at a motel (I miss Firefly, and Castle is my replacement).

After an episode I decide to take a very long shower (my neck was throbbing from having bad posture while wrapping). There is no warm water. I turn the cold nob to see if they are mislabeled, but cold water comes out of that too. I decide to leave the shower running, hoping that the hot water heater kicks in, while I watch another episode. But when I check the water on commercial breaks, it is still freezing. After the episode I decide to try and see if the cold water nozzle was in fact the hot water, and I have patience this time, and I waited a few minutes... Hot water! The sink was the same way. I wondered if in India they thought of hot water not like polar ice caps, but like the base of a flame. The hottest part of the flame is blue, and the coolest part was red, just like the hottest stars are blue, and the coolest ones are red, our sun, being right in the middle, is yellow. Now don't you feel re-educated?

That night I was supposed to get up and look at the Leonid meteor shower, but this was my first nights sleep not in the back of a car in over a week, and I didn't want to get up. Also, the boys in the room next to me were really rowdy and kept setting off car alarms (of their own cars... I checked). So, not feeling like getting into conversation with a bunch of drunk guys, I kept to my warm bed.

The next morning I set out to find the damn visitors center (I finally got a real address to plug into the GPS online), and I finally found it. Their sign that says, here is the visitor center, is just a sign on the far right of the building on the ground and back always from the street. Their mail box was a sweet R2D2 though! (I always forget that Star Wars characters are considered "aliens." Chewy is a Wookiee, Wicket is an Ewok, and R2D2 is a droid. The other side characters with blue skin and such are the aliends, the others are.. well, like I said: Wookiees, Ewoks and droids.)


The woman inside was extremely helpful, but again, she confirmed that if I wanted anything alien, I had to go to that 2 block radius downtown and see the UFO Museum. But before she let me go, she made me pose with the poster that I guess all our misunderstandings of Roswell comes from:


When they have their UFO Festivals. Unfortunately, their next festival isn't until 2010, but she said that if I was really interested in extraterrestrials and the like, that I simply had to come back to Roswell for the Festival, because I would absolutely not be disappointed. Oh well, story of the trip, right place, wrong season.

So, here is my actual art walk:

Wait, I'm at Starbucks and I just heard something that I need to write down before I forget.

Man to woman: "Yeah, like the time you texted me LOL and I thought it meant Lots of Love? I was like, "How do I respond to that? I love you too? *laughter from both* I mean, what do you say to that?"

The girl is bent over laughing at this point. They are both in suits (no jacket) and obviously work together, but you can tell that the situation was so funny, not because he misunderstood, but because they both seem to want the first meaning to be the truer one.

Anyhow, now to my art walk:

(Above Georgia O'Keeffe)

(Above Native American symbol that has been on most of their artwork. It is usually a silhouette, so the meaning of the tired warrior coming home was harder to infer, and kinda cool to hear described by this little old Native American woman who I bought something with the warrior in silhouette painted on it.)

(Above Title: Strike Anywhere, Materials: Match boxes)

(Above Grave said Trinity Site, and described how all the bomb testing lead to this)

(Above Picture of Georgia O'Keeffe)

(Goddard Rocket Launching Site)
(Above This is a painting, I thought it was a picture)

(Above This guy reminded me of Joe)

(Above: Title: Defloration)

(Above Title: Natural Progression)

(Above These were all done by Anderson, who the gallery is named for)

(Above I love this part with the girl holding the Japanese Kama telling the kitty "No!" or "E-A" (say the letters e and a and you'll basically be saying no in Japanese)

Hold on, must go back to these 2 people at Starbucks:

Man talking about the medical field, refreshing her memory about this that and the other thing, blablabla, "And how long have you been out of the field... like 3 months now?" She nods, "Well, that tells you how valuable you are to the profession." She smiles, looks down embarrassed, then looks back up, and looks loved. He gives her the same look.



Above Now really look at this last painting, it was one of my favorite of the day. Look at the depth, and try to figure out what the artist is saying about the world, and its leaders, and the different forms of greed that comes with power.

Above Now, the painting behind the bar I swear is this painting:

I looked for a label, but they were redoing the section, and many of the paintings didn't have labels anymore. I suppose I could have asked. But whats in a name? So what if it was the ram Manet? I looked at it, and I thought it was wonderful, and I did not need to know if it was Manet or someone who was a fan of his work, and found it within themselves to follow down his same path.

Ok, back to the couple (I'm going to call them that, since that is obviously what they want me to call them):

She gets up and says she needs to get a jacket (its not that cold, but I've got a hot drink, and she has a frozen one). When she comes back, he asks her if she is comfortable, and she says that she is. Then she asks him how he is doing, he must be cold (but he is a man, and he is also drinking a warm drink), and he answers that he is fine; and they have this conversation about who is comfortable and are you sure, no are you sure, *giggle giggle* *manly laugh* oh come on! The suspense is killing me now b/c she has folder her hands on the table and leaned into his already noticeable lean. His hands have been talking, slicking the table with horizontal knife strikes as he talks about the progression of cancer, and her hands she placed not so far from his. You can see the noticeable lack of hand gestures on his part, wondering if he doesn't move, if her hands will stay just as close. She seems to wait, to see if he will put his hands on hers, but without his initiation, she leans back, disinterested, and crosses her legs and she picks up her drink and sits back from the table. The sexual tension is gone, all business again, and their opportune moment, for today at least, has come and gone.



Above I loved this boat, not sure why. But it told a story, and I just felt like there was so much fun here.

Above Now check out the bottom painting. It reminded me of the Kiva's and how they had a hole in the middle of the ground to represent the navel of the earth where we crawled out of to come into this, the fourth world of light. And exiting the Kiva is representative of that transition from the third world of darkness, into the fourth world that we live in today.



Above This last photo makes me hate myself. I am part of the problem I'm trying to escape. I'm an American, and I could not be happy on the back of a motorcycle. I needed my independence, no wait, I needed my car. My love for automobiles has led to the rise of power of tyrants who believe that women are beneath man, and that they are allowed to have money and riches, but their people don't even deserve clean drinking water. Does this painting make me turn in my car? No, it just makes me feel temporary bad time to time. I try to ignore it, I try to deny myself the ability to do the right thing in order to do the thing that makes me happy. But what makes me happy is apparently something I will never be able to achieve. I always try to reach, in my utter unhappiness, the moment when I can "do it" with my car. Bleak? Maybe, but I am an American. Does that give me an excuse to hide from the bleak b/c to not have these outlooks is to not be myself? I don't know where I'm going with this, probably because to know where I'm going with this is harder than not.


Ok, I lied, their bringing it back. She is asking about a patient of his, and he responds:
"'Well, she had brown hair, and blue eyes..."
*Giggle* And she clarifys her question to be about his treatment for her.
They both lean in, hands playing with the open air between them. The leaning is killing me.



Above I really connected with her writing, so read it if you have time.


Then I went to the P.O.W. park where they have the original wall the German pow's (WWII) built. They were put to construction work in Roswell while they were imprisoned and they put the German cross into on of the walls they built. The people of Roswell were enraged, so they covered over it with cement. But over the years the cement had been eroded away, so you can see the cross again. The German's also sent Roswell part of the Berlin wall for their kind care of the pow's from Germany (of which after the war many stayed and made roots in Roswell). The democratic side is the side with all the graffiti.


After that I broke down and went to the UFO museum. They said that if I had military ID it was free. I asked what about Air Force Simulation Training and Support ID, and they said "No." Well, I didn't have my ID anyways, they made me turn it back in.

I think this would be more accurate if the cow boy had a shot gun.


This pic was neat b/c it was something that they gave out to people so they could better describe what they saw in the sky with a well understood format.


This poster was the only Roswell TV show thing I found in the whole city. This place reminded me of Deadwood. Totally didn't want to capitalize on the media they could have had. The city seemed to be more of a "Yeah, we know, it was cool in the 50's, but get over it! We want our town back!" I felt bad going into the 5 gift shops in town with alien stuff. The one was alien and Native American, another was alien and fairy, and the other 2 were alien and general sci fi. I felt when I entered their stores that they wanted my money, but they didn't want my kind. I perpetuated the need for the alien crap in their city, and they wished they could move somewhere else, but this was their home, and the next nearest city that I saw of a similar magnitude, was up by Albuquerque.

So I got the coolest thing in all of Roswell (I know, I looked in all the shops they had) at the UFO museum for Laura. Its actually kinda perfect for her, so satisfied that I had done everything alien I was going to do, I went to the free zoo.


Yeah, there were peacocks just wandering around the whole place. I seemed more out of place than they did though, being as more people looked at me than at them. I need to rent a child, I look strange w/o one I guess. Anyone need a babysitter for a few hours? I'll take your kids to the zoo? I could use the money.


Kinda a sad zoo, but hey, it was free. Then I hit my last stop, the National Park. I took a few pics, but it was getting late, and any further was a dirt road, and I decided not to drive dirt roads unless it was something I really wanted to see.


That last pic is for you Danielle.

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I think I know why the zoo was free! Not too many zoos where you see Peter Parker donated by Oma and Opa and have animals they probably caught in their backyard. The one deer looked like a unicorn from the first shot, I thought, oh cooler zoo than I thought,' but alas, no. Also, I love your in-depth analysis of the art, you are so deep, maybe that is why i am always happy, i am shallow. I like the blue horse, cuz I like blue and I like horsies. And as for the car running over the girl, I like my car, cuz as the commercials say, 'it's not just a car, it's your freedom,' and with America's lack of a great tube like London,(America is wayyyyyyyy bigger than London) we can't get anywhere without a car - it's not a bad thing, it's just transport. The UFO musuem, geez, so well done, it makes the evidence seem incontroverible - kidding, seriously. wow.

by georgi r

I too liked strangeness of such a homey zoo, and I think you must be right in your take on Roswell (that it's half-heartedly using the alien thing, but actually enjoying other aspects of its quirky city). The art museum is really several cuts above what you would expect from a town out west that would seem to only have hokey UFO conspiracy theories going for it.

But besides the fact that I admired or was intrigued by many of the pieces, I have to tell you something that may be quite freaky. If you have never read Thomas Pynchon's novel *V.* (that's the title--one letter, one of your nicknames), you must read it immediately. Your comment about "doing it" with your car exactly describes a famous scene in that novel. It's always been my favorite by Pynchon (the novel, not the scene), who like you was very influenced by the study of physics (the second law of thermodynamics, specifically entropy, is basic to his vision of the world). Anyway, now that I think of it, you must have read *V.* and were referring to it--you must have been drawn to the name, right?

by Sheryl S

"V" is being advertised as a new tv series about an alien invasion - you should love that vanessa!

by georgi r

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