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Dunes of Time

Here are some emails from Gini (from Tai Chi) and I that I'd like to post b/c I am lazy and want to capitalize on my time spent story telling:

Hi Vanessa,

You are seeing places I have been in my long distant past. We lived a year in El Paso (1959) and went to White Sands several times. We saw it again a few years ago and the sand had plants growing up through it quite a bit. When we were there the first time it was all just like sugar. Maybe I have a picture.

Next email:

Then here is my response back to Gini with a few additions:

Hey you found a picture! I love the car in the background! You guys look so authentically 50's (probably b/c it was 59, but that still gets me). And I love that you went barefoot. I was in sandals in the beginning, but then the sand kept getting into them, and I had to keep shaking them out. Then I was thinking... humph, this is my first white sandy beach... why am I wearing sandals? It was like 100 times better after I got my shoes off. My favorite part was skiing down one of the dunes, the sand up to my knees, and just watching as the sand billowed down in front of me. I was worried at one point that I might go too deep, but it wasn't that big of a dune, so by the time I started to worry, the sand already began to shallow to the ground.

Then when I hit El Paso I was surprised that nobody had a southern accent. I was like "hey, I'm in Texas!" but then it seemed just like everywhere else down south. It even reminded me of Utah.

Pic from El Paso:

Pic from Utah:

Doesn't it kinda look like I just zoomed in on the mountains? They both have the same shape and red trees that dot them. Seeing them again made me feel like home just a bit. These mountains in Utah were right outside the restaurant where Joe and I had our first full and separate meals. The whole rest of the day I remember floating on a bit of a cloud, feeling like the people who anonymously bought us those meals are out there, and that there are many more like them. But, I'm not in Utah I remember, I'm in Texas. And I realized that I was in a different place when I hit the checkpoints leaving the state.


I hit one leaving El Paso going to White Sands, then another going from White Sands to the Very Large Array. The first stop the guy asked me for my license and registration (something he didn't do to the 3 cars before me). Then he nodded his head, confirmed, I am suspicious. My license said I was from Ohio, but my plates (that were only temporary... making my car rather disposable) said I was from Arizona. Then he asked why I was in all the way out there if I just bought a car in Arizona. I told him that I was visiting Carlesbad Caverns (New Mexico), and was on my way to White Sands (New Mexico), and that I was only following the path my GPS was taking me, and that I was on a large road trip.

"How did you get to Arizona?"
"On a motorcycle."
"And where is you motorcycle?"
"With my boyfriend in Arizona."
"So you two rode from Ohio to Arizona on one motorcycle, then you bought a car and came on a trip to New Mexico by yourself."

He seemed to not believe me, so I explained that we were running out of vacation time, and he wanted to see Arizona, and I wanted to see New Mexico, and I couldn't take being on the back of the motorcycle any more, and that buying a car was a sound investment since we were on our way to relocating in California and I would need my own transportation separate from him when we got there anyways. He didn't seem to like that story either (if he only knew the truth!) That's when he asked me to open my trunk ("I do not consent to search!" - sorry Bill, I actually didn't say that. I really just popped my trunk). He didn't even ask the semi driver to open his cargo hold (is that what they're called?). How many Mexicans can I fit in my trunk anyways? One? Maybe two? The semi driver could fit at least 30, you'd think he would take the extra second to check the semi before checking me. Thankfully he didn't ask me to step out of my car though, because my driver's seat looks like it had been searched with a knife for hidden stashes of crack.

He let me go on my way, and I got to see White Sands, which was beautiful, but not a place I wanted to hike in long. It was really hot there, and I got dehydrated a little when I only hiked for a half hour. It wasn't the need of water that made me leave though, it was the fact that the trial was a 3 hour hike through the dunes, and I guess desert just isn't my thing, because I got a little bored just walking between dunes and seeing almost the exact same thing around every corner.

Then I headed back out onto the road, and it took me back near El Paso, and I hit another search point. This one had a dog though, so I wasn't harassed too much.


The guy did want to check my GPS though to confirm where I said I was going.

"Where are you heading?"
"Phoenix" I don't know why I said that, it sounded like Flagstaff, and I had been there so often, it just came out I guess.
"Phoenix! You shouldn't be on this road if you are heading to Phoenix!"
"Well, I mean I'm heading to Flagstaff first, then going down to Phoenix..."
The plot thickens. I eventually make up a story about picking up a friend in Flagstaff to see a concert in Phoenix.
"What concert?"
They had my license plate info now, so I didn't want to lie about the concert in case they went online and checked later, so I told them "The Flying Monkey Machines." He raised his eyebrow at that one. "They were friends of mine in high school, and they have a small gig at a bar in Phoenix that I promised I'd go to if I was in the area at the time... and the timing just worked out." Surprisingly I guess my stories were outlandish enough to warrant a little poking and prodding at, but cohesive enough to have to be true (because who makes up shit like that?)

I think I was so believable because I base all my lies on truth (just like Michal Weston in Burn Notice). I really did have friends in high school who were in a band called "The Flying Monkey Machines" and I really was heading to Flagstaff to Phoenix on several points on this trip. Finally I really was planning on relocating after my road trip, its just that my road trip also included Hawaii, Asia, and relocating in Australia rather than the simple "California" I told him.

Anywho, Joe spent the week at the Sedona, and he says he has some videos for me to upload from that, so I'm sure that if there isn't any Tai Chi, there will at least be some sort of martial art video of him in the Sedona to watch.

Posted by - Rain 08:58

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What's a "dog through"? Also, I'm trying to figure out why you lied to the last guy, but it seems you're enjoying it. A new pastime?

by Sheryl S

as the mom of a bad speller, i think vanessa meant "this one had a dog THOUGH, so i wasn't harassed too much." which i took to mean, the dog didn't smell any drugs so vanessa got through quicker? am i close vanessa? i'm usually not. anyway, yeah about the lies, wtf? it did sound like you were just having fun, seriously, the flying monkey machines? you could have just said bsb and kristi yamaguchi! lol. glad you are a burned secret agent now! gina, i love the bel air, did everyone have a bel air? they are in every pic i see from the 50's- great pic. and vanessa, i love the fractal mountains!

by georgi r

Honestly Sheryl, I haven't a clue what you are referring to.

by - Rain

Joe: She lies again!!!!

by - Rain

And yes mom, your right, that's what I meant. But you missed the whole point why I didn't say a big name. I wanted something obscure b/c then they couldn't check on my story.

by - Rain

nope, i got that. i was jus referring to me and jessica's recent concert in Phoenix, but, yes, you shouldn't have used a big name cuz they could check on it; but, when i was in Phoenix, I found out that there are so many concerts and stuff there, no there seems to be able to keep track of them all.

by georgi r

Well, I was sort of lying too, because I knew what you probably meant. But the initial image of a "dog through" (some special kind of drive-through) was just too funny--I had to comment (sorry!). Bad spellers do often come up with the most amusing puns.

by Sheryl S

And anyway now that you fixed the spelling, people will just think I'm weird. That'll teach me.

by Sheryl S

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