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February 2010

Mountains Gandalf! Mountains!

Good morning Sunshine. (Susan's handy work. I was usually asleep at sunrise b/c thats about the time Georgina would go back to sleep after breakfast).


In Hawaii we've seen a lot of things, but one of the things we did not get to see so much are the mountains in the center of the island and around the southeast coast where Kailua is. So in the car rides I couldn't help myself from crying out "Mountains Gandalf! Mountains!" or singing the opening theme song to Jurassic Park. Coincidentally enough, Jurassic Park was filmed here! And these are the mountains that they used for a lot of the film:


Those pics are mostly for Justin (don't tell his girlfriend). There were so many Japanese girls dressed in the cutest cowgirl outfits on their horseback ride through the ranch.


That last pic. is what they call China Man's Hat. Really un-PC, but I guess its not really offensive because later when we went to the Japanese Temple they had a pic. that a Chinese photographer took of himself sitting on the beach in front of China Man's hat wearing a China man's hat. John ended up buying it, so if you are ever over his house you'll have to look it up.

This whole place Corey called "Koala Ranch" but it was actually something much more Hawaiian sounding. I can't remember how it was spelled though. (Side note: I'm in China at the moment, writing this blog, and I just Googled Koala Ranch, and found Kualoa Ranch, so she really wasn't that far off for one. Two, there is Google in China, just no facebook.)

Susan, Ruth, and Corey all took the tour offered there to go into the ranch on horseback, so here are some of their photos from their trip:


You might recognize those last few as the open field where Grant and the kids were walking and Grant notices that the "oversized chicken" like dinosaurs are running just like a flock of birds evading a predator... big "Duhhh" moment... the T-Rex comes out of the trees and snatches one in its teeth.

These next pictures are from Hurley's golf course from LOST:


And then there were some from Pearl Harbor, Mighty Joe Young, and a bunch of others; well here:


Joe, John and I went on our own hike, but we couldn't make it very far b/c you are not allowed to hike on the premises. Only paid tours are allowed, and while we weren't necessarily kicked out, we felt a bulldozer was kinda out to get us, so we left. But not before getting a little closer to some of the "attractions."


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Today is Tuesday

Tuesday is a day that I've been thinking about for a while. Saturday was the day we flew in from the Big Island and met up with round 1 of Ohio-ins, and Tuesday was the day that the rest of the group would arrive. We wanted to save all the cheap things for when they came, but Architecture wanted to do Pearl Harbor this morning. We decided to go along with them, and then if anyone from round 2 wanted to see the Arizona Memorial we could always hit it up again (hey, its free).

So we drove through the mountains (right where we stayed with Chris and John a bit later in our timeline) all the way to downtown Honolulu near where Pearl Harbor is.


Then Architecture went on the Missouri and the rest of us cut out to go grocery shopping at Coscos for everyone for the week. We ended up over buying because we thought more people would be eating in. We spent a few hours there, then drove back to Kailua to drop off the grocery's before making some tacos for dinner, then heading back out to pick up the schmucks at the airport.



Until we finally got them after picking up and dragging their tired bodies home in really cool van (the celling had green lights that shown out from the centerline).


We gave them some tacos for dinner, but mostly they were ready to crash, but fighting that feeling for the excitement to be in Hawaii... we all ran to the Kailua Beach across the street, stripped down (to nothing) and swam in the ocean. This hit the spot for everyone's day on the airplane needs, and was a really good icebreaker to reconnect with all my friends. Oh, how I will miss them! (written with sarcasm, but felt with love)

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The Day Before I Do

Welcome to Hawaii group #2! Today is the first day Laura, Claire, Chrissy, Justin and Dan woke up in Hawaii! They were exhausted, and were welcomed by Georgina! She is Ruth's 13 months old, and doesn't speak a lick of English. So every morning at about 5:30am, she imitates the roosters (that are not in Kailua) so we don't miss being woken up by them. Between the jet lag and The Baby (this is what Chrissy referred to Georgina as) everyone was very tired.


So we walked down the street to get coffee.


And then came back for a little breakfast.


Then, even though it was a little overcast, everyone made it out to the beach and slept on towels (or if you were Dan, slept right in the sand), and relaxed in the ocean.


Then we headed back home, showered, and walked into downtown Kailua for lunch.


After hanging out downtown for a while it was time to go though all the things Laura and Claire brought to Hawaii from my mom (mostly our credit cards and other replacements for things that were stolen), and get ready for the big day!18852_3117..31137_n.jpg18852_3117..70077_n.jpg18852_3117..05029_n.jpg18852_3117..97999_n.jpg

Notice the shaver in Joe's hand (the beard from November is finally ready to be buzzed off! Thank you Dan for bringing an electric razor!) And Chrissy tried on dresses for the wedding. Her mom was so proud of that dress with the damn sail boats on it. She got it at Macy's from $90 to like $3 and she used a 20% discount to get it for around $2. It looked great on Chrissy, but we voted for the brown dress because it was less stand-out-ish. (Wish I had that vote for my outfit)

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I Do

or at least Corey and John do

Well, you know how it goes. Sunrise,


make breakfast,


read over your script,


iron, or have someone iron for you,


get dressed,


get beer,


take a nap,


make sand octopus and pineapples (and possibly Diamond Head... never got an answer on that last one),


and get this show on the road!


And let the festivities begin.


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The Day After I Do

We were supposed to stay up all night, and then hike up Diamond Head to see the sun rise... but Corey and John "pooped out" early, and so the rest of us caught some shut eye before getting up at 4am to meet up with Architecture by 5am. They ended up leaving without us, but we caught up to them at a gas station. Then the race was on, through the night streets of Oahu, into the tunnel at Diamond Head Crater, then up the mountain climb itself. You know that phrase "No man left behind," well I guess that only applies in a time of war, because we booked it up those inclines and stairs to catch sunrise like our vacations depended on it. Chrissy's feet were still suffering from running barefoot on the beach a few days earlier, so she fell behind with a few others, and on Captan Jacks orders: "Whatever man falls behind, is left behind."


I was in the second group to make it to the top. My legs weren't tired (I've been training for months with bags on my back), but I woke up this morning sick as hell, and I felt like tossing my cookies the whole power hike up. But when we finally made it to the top, we realized that we would have another 15 minute wait until sunrise. It got very light outside, but the sun hadn't peeked itself out from the horizon. And when I say top, I mean as far as we could get. The Japanese had in fact, over run
Diamond Head.


I know, I'm really un-P.C. But I feel like I have a right to be, because I really love everything about Japan. And they seem to really be casual about the war, so I feel like I can be casual too, especially because if I had a choice as to what culture I would be born into in my next life, I would be Japanese.


Then, when we were all finally at the top, the moment we had all been kicking our butts for:


We would wait another 15 minutes to see.


The clouds bought the night a few more minutes as they blocked the sun at the horizon. But like all things, what goes down... must eventually COME UP!


Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father]
Sithi uhm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion]


Nants ingonyama bagithi baba
Sithi uhhmm ingonyama

Siyo Nqoba [We're going to conquer]
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala [A lion and a leopard come to this open place]


I betcha you didn't know what the words were to the opening of the Lion king. Well, now you do... and the more you know... Yeah, I think I've used that one before. And that thing about the leopard, I don't remember a leopard in the opening scene. Chrissy? Lion King trivia? Whats the veridic?

Anyways... sunrise was pretty well worth it. Nice idea Corey.


And now that the people on top were starting to head back down... we peaked!


And Queen Claire oversaw the kingdom that was hers,


After a battle where scars were taken like badges of honor,


We took in our victory, and then headed home.


Well, not quite yet. First we decided to do a little swimming to cool ourselves off.


And we got to see the Hanauma Bay video with music like:
"Don't step on me... Under the see..." to the beat of Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid. And then the 80's ballad:
"Haaaaanauuuuuuuumaaaaaaaa, where the water is beautiful..."

We got 5 snorkel sets and split them between the 10 of us so some people could lay out on the beach while the others snorkeled. Unfortunately when we left we were missing a snorkel (don't ask me how that happened), so we had to pay for that. But other than monsters stealing our snorkels, the day was pretty dang good. I started to feel a little better now that I had a nap in the sun, but it was starting to get a little cold and cloudy, so we decided to really go home and figure out what we wanted to do for the rest of the day.

Joe was still not feeling like heading out with us, and so many people felt like doing different things that we split into groups again. The group I was in decided to head up to the north shore to see some of the big waves.


And then we found the awesome tide pools Claire had been wanting to see the whole trip.


And then hit up some shave (no -ed) ice before calling it a day on account of rain.


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