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July 2009

Counting Down

getting all geared up

Its almost time to go! I'm both excited and nervous, so to ease my pain everyone should come to my Going Away/ Last day of Work/ Apartment Sale Party Friday July 24th at 5pm to send us off and and buy all of our stuff. We need to move out of the apartment, and we need money to go on our long trip because the 24th is also my last day at Lockheed Martin!

For those of you who haven't heard, I'm quitting my job and going on a motorcycle trip with Joe across the US, then selling the bike in California before flying to Hawaii for Corey and John's wedding, then we are leaving for China where we hope to meet up with our Kung Fu master who is taking students on a tour of China and Taiwan, after they leave we plan to stick around a bit longer before heading to Japan and India where we hope to study with our Yoga instructor's teacher and meet up with a woman from our Tai Chi class who lives in India every winter, and finally we are going to go to Australia and New Zealand to scope out where we plan to relocate. (*wipe sweat off brow*)


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